International Scholarship Application Form

The University of Salford’s International Scholarship programme includes a wide range of scholarships.

This application form is for the following International Scholarships:

Salford International Excellence Award
PhD scholarship for China - Arts and Media
China Advanced Scholarship 
MSc Public Health International Scholarship

Important information

  • You must review all the scholarship information including eligibility, criteria, deadlines, and terms and conditions. Click on the individual scholarship pages to find this information.                    
  • You should review the scholarship application requirements and prepare your answers in advance. This is important as you cannot save and return to the application form, it must be completed in one go.                    
  • Incorrect or incomplete application forms are immediately rejected.
  • Scholarship applicants must hold an offer of admission to the University of Salford before applying and proof of your offer needs to be included on the scholarship application form. Therefore, you must have your offer letter available.                    
  • If you applied for a postgraduate course, direct to the university, you will need your university reference number. This is available on your offer letter and begins with @.                    
  • If you applied for an undergraduate course via UCAS, you will need your UCAS applicant number and you must have received a conditional or unconditional decision. This is available on the UCAS portal and begins with 1.                    
  • Applicants without an offer of admission will be automatically rejected.
  • Section C requires a two-part scholarship essay. This is the most important part of the scholarship application. It allows you to show your commitment to the University of Salford, your programme of study, and your experience and achievements.          

Scholarship application timeline for 2020 intake

 Intake date Applications open Application deadline Successful applicants notified Deadline to accept scholarship and meet conditions
February 2020
1 October 2019 20 November 2019 4 Dec 2019 15 Dec 2019
March 2020*


1 October 2019 15 Jan 2020 29 Jan 2020 7 Feb 2020
June 2020***


1 October 2019 27 March 2020 3 April 2020 10 April 2020
September 2020 (MSc Public Health International Scholarship only) 1 October 2019 30 April 2020 11 May 2020 27 May 2020
September 2020
(round 1)
1 October 2019 1 April 2020 15 April 2020 24 April 2020
September 2020
(round 2)
1 October 2019 12 May 2020 27 May 2020 8 June 2020
September 2020
(round 3)
1 October 2019 24 June 2020 8 July 2020 16 July 2020

Good luck with your application!

Salford International Team –

Further Information

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Please note that a thank you page will appear when you have submitted your application successfully. If you don't see the thank you page after you complete the application form, please check the form error message(s) by scrolling down the form.


***Programmes with a June start date have been deferred to September 2020 due to the global outbreak of Covid19. Deferred scholarship applications are still being processed within these deadlines, to start study in September 2020.

Select the Scholarship you are applying for

Section A: Personal Details

Your Personal Details
(You must state the programme in full including award and subject, for award: BA Architecture: MSc Data Science, MA Media Production. Incorrect or incomplete programme names will invalidate the application.)
This is available on your offer letter or on the UCAS portal.

If you have applied for an undergraduate course, what year of the degree will you begin your studies? If you have applied for a postgraduate course, please select 'Postgraduate course'.
Please note: there are no scholarships available for Part-time or Distance Learning and your application will be invalid.
This is your nationality as shown on your passport.
The country where you permanently live.
This is your University of Salford reference number available on your offer letter. 
It will begin with @, but should only include the number.
If you are a UCAS applicant, use your UCAS number without the hyphen. 
[It is important to state the correct number as proof of an offer of admission. Incorrect or incomplete numbers will invalidate the application.]

Section B: Academic qualifications

If you are awaiting results, you must include Awaiting Results and state the month and year you will receive your results. An incorrect or incomplete grade/score will invalidate the application.
For example, St Josephs School or University of Delhi. 
Include your school

Section C: Scholarship Essay

Describe how your previous experiences and achievements will help you to achieve success at the University of Salford?  (Max 3000 characters)

Please include examples of:
* Academic prizes you have won.
* Involvement in activities for the social, economic and cultural development of your country and community.
* Entrepreneurial activity you are engaged in.
Describe how your programme of study at the University of Salford will enable you to develop a greater understanding of your subject; how can that positively contribute to your home country? (Max 3000 characters)
How could your experience facilitate new academic and creative opportunities between the University of Salford and Chinese Universities? (Max 3000 characters)
How do you see your research supporting the creative and cultural industries either in the UK or China? (Max 3000 characters)
What do you think is a key current Public Health issue and what are the key underpinning causes of this? (Max 3000 characters)

Section D: Professional Experience 

Are you currently employed/self employed/working?
Describe your current role,including job title, organisation, number of years of working and overview of responsibilities. (Max 1000 characters)

Section E: Funding

Have you applied for any external scholarships or funding bodies? if yes, what scholarships? You can select more than one.
How will you fund the remaining part of your studies? You can select more than one.

Section F: Declaration to be completed by ALL APPLICANTS

I can confirm I have read and understood all the information, including terms and conditions regarding the University of Salford scholarship programme.
I can confirm to the best of my knowledge all the information given is correct at the dates of submission.
My date of birth is.
Date of submission.