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Our libraries and study spaces are located across the University campus offering a range of services and facilities to support your studies.

Please note: Our library sites are currently closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Find out about the services we currently offer.

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Five key library services

Computer Availability (All)

This table shows all available computers.

Computer Availability (All)
Building Location Total Computers Available Computers
Allerton ALS Level 4 98 Currently closed
Allerton Internet Cafe 8 Currently closed
Chapman First Floor 7 Currently closed
Chapman Ground Floor 4 Currently closed
Clifford Whitworth Ground Floor (PC's) 89 85
Clifford Whitworth Ground Floor open Access (MAC's) 6 6
Clifford Whitworth First Floor (PCs) 99 98
Clifford Whitworth Second Floor (PCs) 45 45
Clifford Whitworth Second Floor (Macs) 19 19
Clifford Whitworth Extension (PC's) 14 14
Clifford Whitworth Extension (MAC's) 10 10
Clifford Whitworth Extension Lounge (PC's) 11 11
Clifford Whitworth Extension Lounge (MAC's) 4 4
Clifford Whitworth 117 24 24
Clifford Whitworth 108 35 35
Maxwell 201 16 Currently closed
Maxwell 202 14 Currently closed
Maxwell Internet Cafe 4 Currently closed
Media City 101 (PC's) 16 Currently closed
Media City 101 (MAC's) 12 Currently closed
Allerton 805 24 Currently closed
Mary Seacole 2.57 15 Currently closed
Peel Basement 14-16 50 Currently closed