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Salford Business School

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Current positions

Professor in Marketing


Philip J. Kitchen, PhD, is Professor of Marketing at Salford University Business School, UK. Previously served as Dean of the Faculty of Business and Professor of Marketing at Brock University, Canada; founding chair of Strategic Marketing at Hull University, UK; and Professor of Marketing at Queens School of Management, UK.  He is the Editor of the Journal of Marketing Communications (Routledge). He has  published  20 books and over 150 papers in academic journals in marketing and communications journals around the world.  He is currently a Fellow of the CIM, RSA, HEA, Institute of Directors UK and the Institute of Marketing Science, USA.  He is a Member of the ALCS and the American Association of Advertising (USA).

Areas of research

Marketing Communications, Marketing Theory, Corporate Communications, Globalisation, Branding


Integrated Marketing Communications

Research Interests

His teaching and research interests lie in integrated marketing communications, corporate communications, promotion management, and marketing management, with a growing interest in marketing theory.

PhD Supervision

I would be interested in supervising future doctoral students in:

the general area of marketing management, marketing communications, corporate communications, public relations, branding or marketing theory.

Qualifications and Memberships

PhD, MBSc, MSc, BA Hons