IT Skills

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We offer online training and trainer-led webinars and workshops to develop your IT knowledge and skills. These skills will help you improve your academic performance and boost your employability.

82% of all job vacancies require digital skills, and with our Microsoft Office Specialist certification programme you can gain the proof that you have the IT skills potential employers need.

Online Training

We have selected a range beginner level videos as well as some more advanced learning paths to help you get started.

New to an application? Then try the essential training for beginners.

Want to learn more? Try one of the learning paths which offer recommended courses ranging from beginner level to towards intermediate and even advanced level.

About our online training

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning online training provides thousands of high-quality online courses with a wide range of technology, business and creative topics to suit everyone. Use your University account to access it all for free. Find a course by browsing the categories or by using the search option.

Tips for using LinkedIn Learning

  • Always use our institutional link to access LinkedIn Learning, so that LinkedIn Learning knows that you are a Salford user.
  • You do not need a LinkedIn account to access LinkedIn Learning.
  • Courses are divided into bite sized chunks, and from the contents list you can jump straight to the feature you want.
  • Look out for exercise files to download so that you can work alongside the tutor.
  • Download courses to your mobile device to watch offline.

Other software

Take a look at LinkedIn Learning for help with more specialist software such as:

  • Access
  • Indesign
  • SPSS
  • NVivo
  • Minitab
  • Photoshop

Advanced learning paths

You can build on your new or existing IT skills by exploring these structured learning paths which range from beginner level to intermediate and even advanced level. Completing a learning path shows motivation and commitment, so a certificate of completion is available at the end. Or you can simply dive right in and pick out the features that matter to you.

Now get proof of your skills...

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When you’ve developed your IT skills why not boost your CV with a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) qualification or two. Take MOS exams with us and get the proof to show potential employers that you really do have the IT skills they require.

“I have used this opportunity to broaden my knowledge in the applications that are really relevant to my career field. And getting a certificate that validates my knowledge is definitely worth it.”