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The Library understands that there is a significantly increased need for online learning resources at present, and we are trying as best as we can to ensure this is possible. However, if you have any queries or concerns about the current learning materials available for your course, then please get in touch with: and we will respond as soon as possible.

Getting started - Send us your list

To get set up just email with details of the reading for your module and we will do the rest.

When sending us your list please remember to:

  • Label essential reading on your list as 'core'.
  • Indicate any chapters or articles you would like us to scan.
  • Indicate if a specific edition is required. Otherwise, we will add the most recent edition.
  • Tell us If you would like your list to be divided into sections, for example by theme or by week
  • Add resources that can be acquired electronically, favouring ebooks and ejournals to print
  • Avoid out-of-print material where possible.
  • Consider the length of your list. You can add as many resources as you like but we recommend aiming for a balance of breadth and depth.
  • Add a range of resource types where appropriate. Remember that the Reading List service is not just for books, chapters and journal articles. You can also add datasets, links to web resources, pdf files, videos and so on, and the Library provides access to LinkedIn Learning and Box of Broadcasts as well as a large number of databases.

The Library's Reading List service is the primary means of requesting recommended reading material for your modules. Adding resources to your list is the best way of ensuring that these resources are available for your students. The Library will purchase and provide copyright-cleared access to each and every resource included on your list unless it is not possible to do so.

Manage your list

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Once you are set up we recommend that you manage your own reading lists, adding and amending items as necessary. The Library will then carry out all the necessary copyright checks, purchases, cataloguing and authentication procedures. Click here for guidance on managing your own lists.

Read our Reading List guide