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How to get started in Data science

Data science

Have you ever wanted to ‘Mung’ data? Apply Machine Learning techniques? Search for hidden patterns? Be part of Big Data?   

Data Science is one of the most in demand roles across all sectors including health, retail, and energy. Companies such as Google and Microsoft, and also public organisations such as the NHS are struggling to fill their vacancies in this field due to a lack of suitably qualified people.

Find out how you can get started in Data Science.

What do you need to get started in data science?

1) A good honours degree in any discipline

Good honours degree

Before starting off in data science, you will need an understanding of some core concepts to lay the foundation.

Therefore an existing good honours degree is required before starting. The following degree levels can be considered as a good honours degree:First class Honours, Upper Second Class Honours, 1st, 2.1, 2.2, 3rd

If you've graduated at any of these levels, then you're already on your way to getting started in data science.


2) Demonstrable mathematical aptitude

Mathematical aptitude

At some point you will be tested on your mathematical skills. You should be able to solve said problems and demonstrate that you have a good understanding of the problem. If you are able to do this then you are one step closer to getting started in data science.

3) An enquiring mind

The thinker

Do you like to seek out the facts?

Are you looking for more information?

Do you enjoy increasing your knowledge?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you probably have the right mindset to get started in data science.

4) Practical & analytical approach to problem solving  

Problem Solving
Problem Solving

Your approach to problem solving is just as important as solving the problem itself. To get started in data science, you should be able to look at the problem as a whole, break it down in to smaller elements, and tackle those methodically. You should also be able to gather the correct information in detail and visualize it if needed.  You need to have the ability to solve complex problems in the most effective ways.

5) An ambition for a career in data science

Career ambition
Career ambition

Obviously, wanting a job in data science is a reason to study it in the first place, but the ambition to solve large business problems through the use of data is important. Data science is more than a job, its wanting to solve problems at some of the biggest organisations in the world. Companies like Google and Microsoft are constantly on the lookout for good data scientists. So if you want to join them to make a difference then you're on the right path.


What Next

Ready to get started in data science, find out your study options at University of Salford. Where you can find out the course structure, how to apply, employability options, and further study.