Equality and diversity

Students at a University of Salford postgraduate open day

Our policy

We are committed to and strive for equality of opportunity for all of our students and staff, and recognise and celebrate their diversity. For this statement and strategy to be made a reality, effective leadership and management will be provided and a corresponding commitment sought from every member of staff and all the student body.

As part of our policy, we promise:

  • To provide an environment where all people are respected and treated fairly, regardless of irrelevant characteristics or distinctions.

  • To develop a culture in which diversity is celebrated.

  • Not to discriminate unfairly or illegally against anyone.

  • To take positive action to promote equality, diversity and fair access.

  • To embed equality and diversity at the heart of our mission and values. This includes taking action against individuals who behave in a discriminatory manner.

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Students at the University of Salford